The Bio-Wellness exam is a compilation of over 44 tests. These tests are designed to assess the body’s physiological functions in its present state. Some of the tests included in the Bio-wellness exam date as far back as the early 1900’s. These tests were derived through the work of great physicians such as Charles E. DE M. Sajous MD, Royal Lee DDS, Harold Hawkins DDS, Weston Price DDS, Frank Pottinger, and George Goodheart DC DIBAK among many others. Clinical Solutions is committed to educating physicians on the proper application of diet and nutrition. We are taking an objective approach at the application of nutrition, based on science. In order for any exam to be considered science, it must be explicable, measurable, and above all reproducible:

Must be able to measure the distance between two points
Must be able to explain procedure and results
Must be able to consistently reproduce results

The Bio-Wellness exam helps the doctor simplify a patient’s nutritional protocol. It identifies imbalances, prioritizes the order in which to restore a patient’s health, and provides objective data to track progress.

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