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The Bio-Wellness exam is a compilation of over 44 tests. These tests are designed to assess the body’s physiological functions in its present state. Some of the tests included in the Bio-wellness exam date as far back as the early 1900’s. These tests were derived through the work of great physicians such as Charles E. DE M. Sajous MD, Royal Lee DDS, Harold Hawkins DDS, Weston Price DDS, Frank Pottinger, and George Goodheart DC DIBAK among many others.

The Bio-Wellness exam looks at the physiology of the human body. It is the physiology that explains how organs and glands communicate and work with each other. It is where one looks to assess if the body is balanced and in harmony or unbalanced and malfunctioning. An unbalanced malfunctioning body leads to inflammation, degeneration, and eventually disease.

This Exam provides a “window” to assess the physiology of the human frame. It does not diagnose disease, instead, the snapshots that the exam provides gives us information of what the body lacks, what it needs to be supplied, and what needs to be removed. The exam also organizes and prioritizes what order one would need to follow in order to bring it back to homeostasis and balance. An inflamed body with many dysfunctional organ systems and pathways can remain malfunctioning a long time before it breaks down to a diseased state. If we can implement a system to assess the body during these dysfunctional years we can uncover some of the mysteries that lead to disease. “Some thing cannot come from nothing”. “Something is always a result of something else”. Assessing the body’s organs, glands, and pathways gives us an understanding of where the body’s balance is. Correcting organ and glandular function eliminates unnecessary inflammation stopping the degeneration of organ and glandular systems and disease before it ever happens.

Clinical Solutions is committed to educating physicians on the proper application of diet and nutrition. We are taking an objective approach at the application of nutrition, based on science. In order for any exam to be considered science, it must be explicable, measurable, and above all reproducible;

Must be able to measure the distance between two points.

Must be able to explain procedure and results.

Must be able to consistently reproduce results.

The Bio-Wellness exam helps the doctor simplify a patient’s nutritional protocol. It identifies imbalances, prioritizes the order in which to restore a patient’s health, and provides objective data to track progress.

Why the Bio-Wellness Exam?

This test examines the function of organ systems through the testing of USB (Urine, Saliva, Blood). This test gives a physician a snapshot at how well the body is functioning or is malfunctioning (not functioning). The Bio-Wellness exam is a new approach at analyzing the human body. The Bio-Wellness exam analyzes the human body at the cellular level. Its value is in that it can be used as a stand alone exam to assess one’s health or it can be utilized in conjunction with other traditional exams used today. The Bio-Wellness exam can be utilized by itself as a yearly check up to assess the body’s organ systems and their function. By analyzing dysfunctions and uncovering patterns as to why they are there a person can correct potential inflammatory conditions before they root and become degenerative disease. The holistic approach is always talking about finding the root cause. Wouldn’t you want to use a test that will find root cause to your patient’s ailments? Find the root causes and potential inflammation will disappear before degeneration can ever get started.

The Bio-Wellness exam can also be utilized with other exams such as a CBC, ChemScreen, Thyroid panel, hair analysis, allergy testing, ultrasound, catscan, MRI etc. Using the traditional approach a physician can diagnose degenerative disease and conditions already set in. The Bio-Wellness exams can be utilized to uncover dysfunctions that will assist the medical approach through holistic supplementation. This way a chronic unhealthy patient has the best of both worlds. They receive the medical attention necessary to control a degenerative disease while they implement a holistic protocol to assist the body in a faster recovery. Utilizing this new approach in conjunction to the traditional one the Bio-Wellness exam becomes a powerful test that can answer some of the “why’s” where traditional tests maybe can’t.

Who needs a Bio-Wellness Exam?

Our test is tailored for both male and female patient’s age 6 years old and older. It should be utilized by anyone who has health concerns whether chronic or acute. Our test can help both long standing health conditions and new sudden unexpected onset of symptoms. Finally, this test can be utilized by non-symptomatic “healthy” individuals as a yearly physical exam. Utilized this way the test can provide anti-aging results.  

When does one need to be tested?

A Bio-Wellness Exam could be performed on anyone who has a health ailment that is not going away or can be utilized as a yearly check-up for those who are looking to achieve preventative maintenance.

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