We here at Clinical Lab Solutions are excited about our hyperbarics ward.  Clinical Lab Solutions is dedicated to bringing you the latest research and treatment protocols.  With many insurance companies now accepting HBOT as an insurable treatment, we can make HBOT even more accessible to our patients. There are several conditions that insurance companies will approve for HBOT treatment. We have listed these conditions on the "conditions" page, but we also use HBOT to treat several off-label conditions such as: 
· Autism

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Stroke

· Rheumatoid Arthritis

· Seizures

· Migraines

· Brain Injury

....and so much more!!!!

Clinical Lab Solutions research team is constantly analyzing the effects of oxygen to the human body.  In the following study they show the effect mild HBOT has on blood cells and circulation.  This one of a kind blood study shows how truly effective hyperbaric oxygen is at treating the human body at the cellular level. Please take a few minutes to look through this amazing presentation which shows stagnant blood transform to vibrant flowing blood within an hour of MHBOT.

Among our many studies, our future presentation will show the treatment of oxidative stress through MHBOT.

5 minute overview of hyperbaric therapy: