Session Packages    

· Single Visit: $50.00

· 10-Visit Package: $45.00/Session ( $450.00)

· 20-Visit Package: $40.00/Session ( $800.00)

· 40-Visit Package: $35.00/Session ( $1400.00)

IMPORTANT INSURANCE COVERAGE NEWS!  Many insurance companies are now accepting HBOT as a treatment that is fully or partially covered.  Insurance coverage has come a long way in the past 2-3 years. Call one of our offices and we can disucss your condition and the proper steps we need to take to pre-qualify your treatments with insurance company.
Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Program
Clinical Lab Solutions introduces two new options for clients with short-term and long term hyperbaric treatment needs:

The Test Drive!

You may have made the decision to purchase a hyperbaric chamber, but you would still feel more comfortable if you could “try one on” before committing to the final purchase for an effective hyperbaric treatment. Clinical Lab Solutions “test drive” program is just what you need to give you the added assurance for your decision. The “Test Drive” allows you to rent a chamber on a monthly basis. If you decide to purchase, the entire deposit and any monthly rental fees paid will be completely applied towards the purchase of your  hyperbaric chamberWe let you “try before you buy” because of our commitment to quality, ease of use, and good customer care. We at Clinical Lab Solutions have confidence in the quality of our  hyperbaric chambers  and are proud to let you sample this quality before you purchase.
The Short Term Need:

You may have a short-term need for a  hyperbaric chamber,  but you want the quality and convenience of treating at home. Our short-term rental program offers the same high-caliber chambers and premier customer service on a payment term more favorable for people who will not need to purchase a chamber. For additional information regarding the rental of a  hyperbaric chambers,  please contact a representative at Clinical Lab Solutions. We can help you determine what option best fits your needs.

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