Testimonial I was raised on a farm for the first 25 years of my life and was use to hard work but not stress.

Then I became an art teacher and for the past 21 years I’ve worked in a large Chicago suburb school with 4-5 class preps and 90-100 students daily.  Stress has become my constant companion.  Our school provided an annual blood screening test which was normal except for a low white blood cell count which had been that way since childhood due to a large amount of antibiotics given to me throughout my childhood and I also have developed a slightly high cholesterol count (230-260). 

In 2006 I started taking the Bio Meridian test at Applied Wellness Center.  The test results confirmed various health related problems I have experienced throughout my life.   I followed the recommended protocols’ and when I came back 3-4 months later and retook the test I saw improvement in those areas.  Occasionally, when I am under a lot of stress, other begin to show stress and again I follow the doctor’s protocol and find improvement in those areas during my 4-6 month follow up with the Bio Meridian test.  I love being able to see impending health related problems and correct them before they get out of control and lead to a major illness or disease.

In 2007 I started taking another series of tests that Applied Wellness offered which checked my urine, calcium, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, oxygen levels, wet and dry blood cell activity and many other things.  These tests helped reveal a larger picture of my overall health.  Together with the Bio Meridian we were able to see causes and patterns in my health issues and address them to improve my overall health status.  Without these tests I hate to imagine the state of health I might be in.  I strongly feel that if we can locate the weaknesses in my body early and address them, I can ward off potential diseases that run in my family.

Kris Toro
Bolingbrook, IL
March 2011